One of the coolest features of iMessage is its amalgamation with the App Store, which was introduced in iOS 10 a few years ago. This feature allows you to download and share information from third-party applications without leaving the messaging application, either by scanning a document or sharing its location.

Google Maps: Google Maps allows you to send your location to a friend directly through messages. A small map will appear and the recipient can click on it and get directions to reach you out.

OpenTable: With the OpenTable iMessage App, you can suggest restaurants, vote for your favorites, and reserve a table in the messaging app.

ITranslate: The ITranslate iMessage App lets you write something in your language and send it with the translation of the recipient’s language below. Also, it makes sure that no data is stored in the translation process.

Airbnb: Planning a trip? With the Airbnb iMessage App, you can share homes with friends and vote for a favorite group.

Scanbot: The ScanBot iMessage application allows you to scan a document and send it directly to the email application. You do not need to close the application, open another application, and log in again.

CityMapper: The CityMapper iMessage app allows you to give your location to your friends and display it as a small map that the recipient can click to get directions.

Words With Friends: Words With Friends for iMessage enables the users to invite friends from the contact list and play the amazing winning words directly from messages.

IMDB: The IMDB iMessage For Windows application allows you to search the messaging database and request the services weather, movie, TV, and celebrity websites.

Mini Pennies: Have a chicken to plan for and have to stick to a certain budget? The Pennies Mini iMessage application allows you to transfer offers and collaborate with friends and family directly from the messaging app.