iMessage for iPhone/iOS App Download

The iMessage has various cool SMS messaging features. This application lets you share your location, send walkie-talkie voice messages, get confirmation that your message has been delivered, get delivery reports, and see if someone is replying to your message in real-time (those little animated gray dots). appears below your message.

The latest innovations in iMessage include sending stickers, animated GIFs, sharing music, and even sending money with Apple Pay.

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iMessage For iPhone/iOS

There are two types of iMessage App. Apps that only work in iMessage and can only be found in messaging apps. Steps to access the application on your device are explained in our article.

These applications can be downloaded from the App Store. If you find one of these applications, the text “Only for iMessage” will appear below the application icon. If, as you know, the application works, it is a real application, but it has an iMessage component, it will say “Offer the iMessage App.” You can then tap the Get icon to download the app.

Once downloaded, it will appear in the Messages app drawer.

  • Visit the app store form your device.
  • Along with the “iMessage” text field, have a go on the “Applications” button
  • Tap on the note icon in the lower-left corner of the app screen.
  • Tap the first option that says “Save”. This will open the iMessage App Store in the messaging app.

Accessing iMessage

The iMessage is extremely easy to use after you download and install the same. The application makes sure that you are able to communicate with your loved ones easily.

  • Open the keyboard in your system.
  • To use an application, touch the application’s symbol next to the text “iMessage”.
  • Now you will see the first application, the one for you. This is a running application. If it is a sticker app, you will see stickers here. The application comes with a wide range of stickers.
  • Just swipe left on the keyboard view to go to the next app. You are in the following application.
  • If you only have 4-5 apps, this system will work. However, if you have more than 10 apps, you want a faster way.

Tap the grid icon in the lower-left corner. A grid of all installed applications is presented. Touch an app and it will open. As with the home screen, you can touch and hold to activate the edit view. Then move the app to rearrange it. You can press the “x” key to delete an application.

Although the default setting for an application is to touch the keyboard, some applications open in full-screen mode when you use them. You can press the up arrow key in the lower right corner to open the enlarged view of the application.

If you have a Mac and an Android phone, you need to consider a solution. The iMessage promises “iMessage for Android” and delivers. However, it is a bit complicated and involves hiring a Mac you own to serve as your server.

Here’s how it works: You need a Mac to install the iMessage server. This Mac must be installed, running, and connected to the Internet at all times. Then install the iMessage App on your Android phone. You can use iMessage by AirMessage on Android – your Mac does the obscure lifting. The APK file will be made available and you can access the application after downloading the same.

For Mac owners with Android phones, iMessage can be tempting. However, you need a Mac that is always available and has a stable internet connection. A good internet connection is a primary requirement of accessing this application.

It is not the ideal solution, but it is the best you can do. It won’t be worth it for most users.

The Apple Messaging application offers various methods for sending the messages from handwritten notes to the Digital Touch functionality of the Apple Watch. Users can also reply to individual messages and customize the way the recipient views outgoing messages.

One of the coolest features of iMessage is its amalgamation with the App Store, which was launched in iOS 10 a few years ago. This feature enables the users to download and share details from third-party applications without leaving the messaging application, scanning a document, or sharing that location.