Common Queries

iMessage is included with the standard iPhone messaging application. This application can send iMessages and SMS. Email messages are blue and text messages are green.

iMessage is accessible only to Apple users. The iMessage conversations are now mini playgrounds for app developers. You can use apps to do all kinds of things. Order group meals, share crypto messages and even play small games.

iMessage FAQ

What exactly is the iMessage App?

iMessage is a prompt messaging service typical of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With it, you can share text messages, videos, photos, and documents with other iMessage users.

On what devices are the iMessage accessible?

Various Apple devices support iMessage service. In fact, any iOS or Mac OS device can use this feature. Older versions of iOS also have this basic feature.

Does iMessage App support video calling?

You cannot make video calls in iMessage. However, you can make the call and you will be directed to the FaceTime application, which is specially designed for video calls.

How can I use the iMessage App on my iOS device?

iMessage is built into Apple devices. No need to download it separately. It must be activated to be used. Kindly enable it in the settings section if it is not enabled yet.

How can you tell the difference between SMS and iMessage?

Although the two types of messages are displayed in the iMessage For PC, you can easily distinguish between them. iMessage uses the blue chat balloon. On the other hand, SMS uses a green chat bubble.

In order to use the new iMessage platform, at least iOS 10 must be installed on your standard SMS device. You and the recipient will need iMessage to enjoy the experience to the fullest. However, your Android friends are not completely excluded from the fun. To download it on your Android, have a look at the steps explained in our article.